The cleanest, strongest and most consistent raw material as compared to some of the discount recycled crumb.

Weather Proof

Non-slip, maintenance-free and very durable against water or extreme weather conditions.

Long Lasting

Their durability, low maintenance and slip resistant surfaces make them a great choice for various heavy foot traffic areas.

High Quality

Our heavy duty commercial rolled rubber flooring is the highest quality rubber flooring available in the market.

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Applicable to UAE only

What We Do!

Our Products

Rubber Pavers

Rubber Pavers

High impact, slip resistant which is ideal flooring solutions for walkways, outdoor deck areas, horse stables.
Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles

An excellent alternative to conventional surfaces. They make an area safer and more comfortable.
Rubber Protection Systems

Rubber Protection Systems

Safely designed to provide the maximum visibility to protect your buildings and assets
Rubber Rolls

Rubber Rolls

Built for extreme durability and can be used in gyms, hospitals, schools and commercial outlets.
Colour Options

Colour Options

Feel free to mix and match from our extensive colour palette. Create your distinct blends to go with your unique identity.

We don't just sell products,

We take care of the project from start to finish and provide you custom solutions for your space.


Our best-in-class installation capabilities ensures that your indoor floors perform for a long time even with constant use.

Quality Check

Our sophisticated process control and strict quality monitoring is inbuilt into our workflow, right from order processing through installation and handover.


Subject to quantity, we can customise and create a new design just for you. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

Have a specific Requirement? We can also Customize