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We are the exclusive sales and marketing partners of one of the premier manufacturers of high-concept, technically sophisticated rubber moulded, extruded, and recycled rubber products for a diverse range of industry leading products. Developed to the exact standards of international specifications, our products come in the latest designs, colours, sizes and shapes. What’s more? We are eco-friendly and durable too.

Our partner has been in existence since 1994, we cater to large OEMs in the construction, marine, oilfield and other manufacturing sectors for all their rubber requirements. What more? We can provide you with your own unique OEM design.

ISO 9001 Certified.
ASTM Standards for test methods.

At Rubber Trends, we honour the values of our partner and in doing so we believe in doing business in the most honest and ethical way. “Our commitment to excellence starts from the ground up. We secure the highest quality raw materials and ensure state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, to deliver cutting-edge products in a timely manner at the most competitive price.”

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High Quality Indoor and Outdoor
Rubber Flooring

Weather Proof

Our flooring solutions are not only attractive, they are non-slip, maintenance-free and very durable against water or extreme weather conditions.

Long Lasting

Suitable for high foot traffic areas, our is not easy to damage. If damaged, repairs can be made at minimal costs.

Value for Money

Because of its low maintenance and longevity, our flooring solutions offer a great value for money.

Have a Specific Size or Requirement? We can Customise for you