Rubber Pavers

Rubber Pavers are ideal flooring solutions for walkways, outdoor deck areas, horse stables and places where high impact and slip resistance is required. Rubber pavers are laid down in various paving patterns. It’s the different shapes that allow these formations. The two most common shapes are square and rectangular. However, other shapes such as, dog bone, Z-brick and hexagon also make for some beautiful applications.

The beautiful landscaping created by rubber pavers is made possible by a range of sizes, shapes and colours that they come in. Black terra cotta, green, brown and blue are some of the popular ones from an endless array. Shapes is where it gets even more interesting, Supermarkets, gymnasiums, walkways, swimming pools and pathways are only a few instances of where they could really be useful. Their durability, low maintenance and slip resistant surfaces make them a great choice for various residential areas too.

Z Design | Rubber Trends

Benefits of Rubber Pavers

  •  Non-slip, easy to lay & soft under foot.
  • Very strong & resilient
  • Design allows for all weather use
  • No loose bark kicked about
  • Significantly cheaper than Resin Bonded Rubber Surfaces
  • Can be taken up and easily moved / replaced – easy maintenance
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


Thickness Available
25mm, 30mm, 45mm & 50mm


Z Design
230 mm x 230 mm


Dog Bone Design
200 mm x 160 mm


Rectangular Design
125 mm x 250 mm


Hexagon Design
300 mm x 300 mm

Available in different colours & designs of your choice (MOQ conditions apply).