Rubber Protection Systems

Designed to provide the maximum visibility using Black and Yellow colours, and aligning to the correct hazard warning colours, our rubber products are there to protects your property corners, columns and entrances that are exposed to vehicle traffic.

We also offer our range of wheel stoppers and speed reduction humps to ensure a safe and hazardous free environment in protecting not only your property and assets but the property of your customers.

Speed Humps

Speed humps offer the best solutions for slowing down traffic safely. Installing our ramps will reduce the risk of accidents on your site. As manufacturers, our product range gives you best quality rubber, with the longest working life.

Our speed humps are designed to enforce safe site speed limits slowing down all types, sizes and weights of vehicles.

Our speed humps are manufactured in Black and Yellow colour along with powerful amber reflectors which help drivers get the maximum warning and ensure that the ramps can be clearly seen 24/7.

Speed Bumps ramps have deep ribbed surfaces for extra grip and are supplied with suitable holes by our company and can be easily fixed in asphalt, concrete or block surfaces.

Width (A)  – 300-400
Length (A) – 250 – 500
Height (C) – 50 – 70
Speed Limit (Km/h) – 15 – 20

Wheel Stoppers

Wheel stoppers are designed not to cause any damage to vehicles. Wheel Stopper Buffers give the drivers a clear warning that their rear wheels are parked correctly. They are supplied with Pre-drilled holes for concrete or asphalt installations.

It reduces the risk of accidental damage to columns, concrete pillars and lighting columns, etc.

Manufactured in solid rubber for a tough service life. The product absorbs impact and quickly recovers back to its original shape when the load is removed.

Wheel Stopper Buffers are cut to the exact size to suit your site plus or minus 10 mm. The product can be delivered in an all-black rubber finish recommended for car parking, or black with a bright yellow stripe, the correct hazard warning colours

Corner Guards

Corner guards are designed to give drivers the maximum visibility using Black and Yellow strips, the correct hazard warning colours. The solid rubber guards’ wrap-around design protects your property corners, columns and entrances that are exposed to vehicle and warehouse traffic.

The corner guards can be securely fitted to concrete, brick, plain or plastered.

Wing Size: (mm)
55 x 55
65 x 65
75 x 75
90 x 90
100 x 100
120 x 120

Type A :
Without Galvanised Iron Retainers.  Sticking Type. All Black

Type B:
With Galvanised Iron Retainers.  All Black.

Type C :
Without Galvanised Iron Retainers.  Sticking Type. Black & Yellow

Type D:
With Galvanised Iron Retainers. Black & Yellow

Standard Length
1 meter
1.2 meter
1.5 meter

Wall Guards

A range of solid rubber wall guards designed to be easily and securely fixed to walls. The guards can wrap around steel or concrete bollards, absorbing impact to reduce damage to property.

The guard is supplied in a large range of thicknesses and widths.

The screw head is concealed in the recessed grooves, stopping any accidental damage to property or vehicles. This range of guards can be fixed horizontally or vertically along walls, round columns and ramp areas. The wall guards can be fitted to many surfaces i.e. bricks, plaster, steel or concrete.

Designed to absorb impact damage in loading bays, service areas and car parks. The solid rubber wall guards are fixed at 500mm to reduce the risk of accidental damage to all vehicle types.

We supply the ‘E’ guards cut to the exact length to suit your site requirements.

Cable Protector

Our cable protectors are built for heavy traffic of vehicles and trucks. Mainly used on highways and construction sites for protecting electrical cables.

These cable protectors are made from high tensile and abrasion resistant polymers and are made for demanding work conditions.

Apart from our standard cable protectors, we also specialize in manufacturing custom made designs to suit individual requirements based on specific work conditions and cable requirements.

Pressure Pads Assembly Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers are weather resistant, easily installed and long lasting to protect dock equipment, building walls and truck cargo from potential damage.

Bumper projection should be specified at not less than 4”. For recessed docks or special applications, additional projection may be required.

Assembly, Installation.

All laminated dock bumpers are assembled with two 3” x 3” x 1/4” thick steel angles. The angles are fastened with threaded rod and nut. All exposed metal parts are factory painted.

We recommend all bumpers to be installed 1” to 2” below dock level.

Use 3/4” or 5/8” expansion bolts with a minimum length of 3”.

Ladder Shoe

Ladder Shoe is used on the ladder legs as anti-slip and anti-skid purpose. To provide stability while mounting the ladder and as a means of protecting the flooring from being directly exposed to the aluminium metal.
Made from: Natural Rubber, SBR, Polyurethane, etc

EVA Rubber Pads

They have an alternate high low ribbed construction and are easy to cut pads. These pads can be cut to be slightly larger than the size of the leg or machine, using shears or knife.  They are easy to install. The multiple layers of ribbed mounting pad can also be used to increase deflection.


Metal Sandwich pads are constructed of a steel plate bonded between ribbed anti vibration pads. These pads are Designed for a very high load capacity.

Cork Sandwich Pads are laminated pads having 1/2” thick close-grained cork that is securely bonded between two layers of 1\4” in an alternate low high ribbed neoprene rubber pad.

These pads offer highest level of sound attenuation and vibration isolation. It does not need bolting and is easy to install.